A Holistic Approach to Chronic Illness

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What do I do?

I help patients get to the root of their chronic illness and achieve improvement through a holistic approach involving diet, nutrition, lifestyle and Functional Medicine.


Let me paint you a picture. You develop symptoms or have a chronic disease and visit a physician. They see you very briefly, run some lab tests and prescribe some medications. But you don’t really have an answer of what’s wrong, or more importantly why! Maybe you were told it’s nothing to worry about or that you’re just getting older or that it’s all in your head. Maybe no one took the time to listen to you. You have a deep feeling that something is wrong and needs to be fixed. Sound familiar?

The picture I just painted is exactly how our healthcare system works right now for chronic disease. A lack of quality time with a physician, lack of personalized approach and an over emphasis on prescription medication without taking a holistic approach. I should know the conventional system, because I was trained in it. During my training, I was fortunate to witness the many positive aspects of our healthcare system when it comes to handling acute care, such as trauma, strokes, heart attacks etc. However, when it comes to chronic disease and symptoms that have a less obvious cause, our system does not have an approach that gets to the root of the issue.

That’s why I started this Functional Medicine practice. Functional Medicine takes a root cause approach rather than focusing on individual symptoms. It sees the individual as a whole, and determines how best to address the underlying physiologic disturbances that led to the development of disease processes and how best to rebalance the body. It includes aspects of diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress relief and sleep as well as more advanced testing. More and more people are waking up to the realization that the Functional Medicine model is the best approach for chronic disease.


Gut Health

One of the most common reasons for seeing a physician is digestsive issues. The GI system is so closely linked to all other systems in the body therefore when something goes wrong with it, there can often be widespread symptoms present. The gut is of the root cause of many of our illnesses, and healing it can have a profound impact on improving quality of life in chronic disease. Because of the complexities of the digestive system, a simple pharmaceutical approach to symptoms is often not adequate in healing people. A more nuanced approach that dives deep into the issue integrating all systems together and using the power of diet/lifestyle is crucial. This has helped so many people with digestive issues find relief and it’s vital this approach becomes widespread for all those suffering. If you have digestive issues and have not been able to find relief, please consider reaching out to us.



The numbers of Autoimmune diseases are rapidly rising and by some estimates the total number of autoimmune diseases are surpassing any other form of chronic disease that Americans face. Our conventional model of care breaks autoimmunity down to the system it affects, so you have specialists dealing with the condition in their specific field of interest without a whole-person approach. This often does not include a deep understanding of the various abnormal mechanisms that caused the autoimmunity in the first place. There is also a fundamental lack of understanding of diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors affecting the immune system and worsening autoimmunity. Despite the complexity of autoimmunity, there are various treatment options beyond the pharmaceutical approach that can help dampen the immune response and provide relief from these difficult conditions. If you have an autoimmune condition or suspect you may have one, it’s time to look for a better approach to your illness.

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“The Better Medicine Podcast”


In this Podcast, I speak with various healthcare experts on better ways of addressing chronic disease. Each episode explores a different and interesting topic of discussion. 


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