Functional Medicine Doctor in Leander, TX

Are you looking for a functional medicine doctor in Leander? At Madina Medicine, we focus on the doctor-patient relationship to enhance your journey to wellness. Dr. Omar Akhter treats a variety of health conditions using the functional medicine approach. He believes that offering personalized medical care along with affordable care and a commitment to excellence make this practice stand out in the Austin, Texas, area. 

Functional Medicine in Leander

Every patient seen in our office gets an extended visit with a detailed history, physical, bloodwork, and a comprehensive treatment plan. Dr. Omar Akhter wants to focus on the root cause of your health problems; he does not just treat the symptoms. 

By getting a detailed history, including your diet, lifestyle choices, stress factors, family medical history, and other essential factors, Dr. Omar Akhter can fully understand your health issues. Combine this with physical and bloodwork, and he can develop a treatment plan that is individualized to fit your needs. Should you need to tailor that plan in a few months, Dr. Omar Akhter can do that also. 

Madina Medical wants to help all our patients afford our services, so we offer a monthly membership fee to make office visits easier to afford. This fee includes office visits, after-hours physician access, and much more.

Patients in Leander

Madina Medicine and Dr. Omar Akhter are excited to be able to help our patients in Leander, Texas and the surrounding area. Leander is about a 30-minute drive from Austin, where our office is located. With a population of about 63,000 and rising, Leander is a great place to live and raise a family. Some notable people from here include Paul Thompson and Dan Janjigian. If you are just moving to the area or an established resident, we would love to have you. 

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If you are searching for a functional medicine doctor who wants to treat you as a whole, give our office a call. We can schedule you for telemedicine or an office consultation with Dr. Omar Akhter today. We can also be reached on our website for a meet and greet and for more information on our services.

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