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Your thyroid is such an important organ. It is responsible for regulating things like hormones, blood pressure, body temperature, and so much more. When thyroid dysfunction occurs symptoms are not always easily resolved. Most conventional medicine providers simply bandage thyroid problems by giving you a prescription to take the rest of your life. This only leaves you with some relief and fails to address the root issue of your thyroid dysfunction diagnosis. Finding a provider who takes the time to research the true cause of your issues will help you not only heal your thyroid but promote wellness throughout your whole body. 

Thyroid Doctor Cedar Park TX

Are you looking for a thyroid doctor in the Rock Rock or Cedar Park, TX areas? Dr. Omar Akhter at Madina Medicine in Austin, Texas, is just the doctor to carry out this task. He serves the Cedar Park community and surrounding areas as a board-certified Internal Medicine doctor who specializes in functional medicine. This holistic total-body approach not only addresses your symptoms but examines the body and how it functions as a whole. Dr. Omar Akhter is passionate about helping his patients and takes the necessary time to help you accomplish your health goals.   

What Do Endocrinologists Do? 

Because your thyroid is responsible for so many different functions throughout the body, it’s important to make sure it’s working correctly. It not only regulates your body temperature, and reproductive hormones but manages your cholesterol levels as well as many other vital processes. Initially, an endocrinologist may run tests to determine how much T-3 and T-4 are released into the bloodstream.  These providers may also test various hormone levels and your TSH levels as well.

The doctor will do a physical exam which will entail taking measurements of your thyroid gland by feeling the front of your neck under your Adam’s apple. This butterfly-shaped gland may become enlarged or unsymmetrical and need further diagnosis. A physical exam will determine whether that is present in your case or if there are any goiters present as well. Thyroid goiters develop gradually and usually accompany other thyroid issues like mood changes, weight loss, bulging eyes, among other symptoms.  

After conducting the physical examination, Dr. Omar Akhter will also go over your full medical history and discuss your current diet and lifestyle choices. Dr. Omar Akhter provides a patient-centered practice where a focus on patient trust and respect is the utmost priority. At Madina Medicine, we focus on helping patients take back control of their own health through proper healthcare techniques in which the patient is the number one focus. In a world full of misinformation, we spend the time to teach patients how to care for themselves holistically. We believe that if you treat the whole body right, you will heal and promote overall wellness throughout the body. 

FAQ Section

What is a thyroid practitioner called?

Some endocrinologists specialize in the study of the thyroid and are called thyroidologists. 

These doctors specialize in all areas of the thyroid, development disorders, hormonal output disorders, and nodules or goiters. Dr. Omar Akhter can also help with issues regarding adrenal glands, pituitary diseases, and their treatment options. 

What is the best doctor to see for these problems?

An endocrinologist or a thyroidologist are the best doctors to see for thyroid problems and endocrine disorders. 

Thyroid Practitioner in Cedar Park, TX

We love serving the residents of Cedar Park, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our office is conveniently located in Austin, Texas, just off of Clayton lane.  Our patient-centered functional medicine practice separates us from other healthcare practices in that we prioritize our patients’ treatment and do not treat them as a number on an assembly line. Here, our entire staff takes all the time a patient needs to discuss concerns, educate, and manage health goals. 

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