Thyroid Doctor in San Marcos, TX

At Madina Medical, we are proud to provide holistic approaches to people with thyroid struggles. If you are looking for a thyroid doctor who can provide you with the root cause of your problem and help you find a natural approach, you need to contact us. 

Our Thyroid Doctors Can Help You

Thyroid Doctor in San Marcos

Holistic doctors focus on your diet, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle to find the root cause of the struggles that you are having. Through our practice, you can speak with professional and trained professionals to help you find a natural approach to your thyroid problem. We will get to the bottom of your situation through discussion and close attention to your body. 

There are different approaches that can be taken. It may be supplements, changes to your diet, or something else. There is a reason that your thyroid is disrupted, and our goal is to find the root cause and solve the problem from there. 

Commonly Asked Questions

There are typically a lot of questions that people have before they visit our office. If there are any that you have for us, please feel free to give us a call. Here are a couple that we receive most often. 

Will Functional Medicine Doctors Do Blood Work?

Yes, most will run blood tests to see what your levels are. When testing your blood, there are many different results that can be found. There is a lot of science that is still incorporated into functional medicine, such as blood work. 

Are There Supplements That Are Good For Thyroid?

Yes. There are a variety of supplements that people can try for their thyroid. Some of the examples are Zinc, Iron, Selenium, and more. You and the holistic doctor will work together to find the best fit for you and your needs. 

We Love Working With The Residents of San Marcos, TX

San Marcos, TX, is a great place to live and work. There is so much that this community has to offer its residents. It is located within the county limits of Hays County, and spills into Guadalupe and Caldwell County. There is a population of greater than 63,000 people who reside in this community. 

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Madina Medical is located in Austin, TX, and is happy to provide services to San Marcos, and surrounding areas. We love providing the needed services that people are looking for. Call today for more information and help to schedule an appointment.

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