Thyroid Doctor in Leander, TX

Are you struggling with thyroid disorders and looking for a doctor in the Leander, TX area? Treating your thyroid dysfunction often becomes frustrating as you attempt to manage your array of symptoms with medication that also comes with its own side effects. Not only do you have to deal with the mood swings, depression, heart palpitations, weight loss, or gain, but also the scary effects from some of these prescriptions conventional doctors give you. On top of all that, the most frustrating thing is that these medications simply mask some of the symptoms and do not cure your thyroid disease.

Dr. Omar Akhter at Madina Medicine in Austin, Texas, understands the road you have been on. He wants to change the direction and partner alongside you to a new path that not only considers your symptoms but promotes healing over the entire body. Who would not want that? Dr. Omar Akhter provides a very different kind of healthcare than you may be used to. Dr. Omar Akhter’s holistic, patient-centered approach provides the attention and care needed for you to feel heard, respected, and on the road to a healthy recovery. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and is a functional medicine doctor. 

Thyroid Doctor Leander TX

What Does a Thyroid Doctor Do? 

A thyroid practitioner performs several evaluations before determining the right forms of treatment. The thyroid gland is a complex organ and carries various responsibilities throughout the body like managing body temperature, hormonal output, cholesterol levels, reproductive health, and much more. Diagnosis usually begins by learning about your family history and current lifestyle with you during your first visit. They order a series of blood tests to determine how much T-3, T-4, and TSH  is released in your bloodstream. They may also request different hormone levels like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone tests to check for endocrine disorders. A physical exam is performed to measure the gland. 

The doctor will make sure you do not have any thyroid goiters in your neck. These can develop gradually over time and usually are accompanied by other thyroid issues like weight loss and gain, erratic moods, bulging eyes, or any additional symptoms. If any are present, the doctor will take measurements of those as well, and usually, they are simply checked periodically to make sure they are not growing too fast. 

At Madina Medicine here in Austin, TX, our entire staff puts our patients’ treatment first and works hard to educate patients on how to take back control of their own health. Determining what is truly healthy is not easy to understand in the current world of misinformation we live in. It’s important to Dr. Omar Akhter that he takes the needed time to educate patients on the right ways to care for their thyroid and their entire body holistically. 

FAQ Section

Should I see an ENT or endocrinologist for thyroid?

If you feel you are experiencing thyroid issues, it is best to see an endocrinologist. However, if you feel a lump in your throat and suspect you have developed a nodule, an endocrinologist can identify this and send you for the proper testing to have it biopsied. 

Why would you need to see an endocrinologist?

Endocrinologists are doctors who specialize in the endocrine system. They help overseas issues with fertility, hormonal production, thyroid issues, diabetes, metabolic disorders, growth, and many other issues. Your primary care physician may refer you to see this specialist if you or they have concerns about your endocrine system. 

Thyroid Practitioner in Leander, TX

Located in Austin, TX, our office is centrally located just off of Clayton Lane.  We are here to serve all of Leander and Austin, TX, as well as the surrounding areas. We provide thyroid help and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding functional medicine. 

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