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Chronic pain is a significant burden for so many patients and to our healthcare system. It’s even led to major public health issues such as the opioid crisis. For many patients and providers, the default approach is to use medications in a stepwise manner, gradually building up to some of the strongest medications available as well trying different surgical approaches. These approaches do work for many patients, but what if a different approach could be tried?

This discussion with Dr. Brityn Jowers revolves around pain reprocessing therapy and how we can try to address chronic pain at its root; the way we process the pain. We go deeper into the neuroscience of pain and how this alternative approach can be extremely effective, and limit the use of medications or procedures. If you or someone you know is suffering with pain, you definitely want to hear this discussion!

We discuss: 

  • Her journey into Physical therapy and Pain Neuroscience.
  • What is pain and the mechanism/science behind it?
  • Where our current approaches to pain fall short?
  • What role do medications have in pain relief and the problems that arise by using them too much i.e. the opioid crisis.
  • What is pain reprocessing therapy and why is it potentially superior to our current modalities? 
  • Some clinical cases she can share where this approach has been successfully implemented.


Guest Bio:

Dr. Brityn Jowers is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and a Therapeutic Pain Specialist. She is certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy and Certified as a Health & Life Coach. She is currently working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic in Silverdale, WA where she moved  from Austin, Texas to pursue her growth in the field of Pain Neuroscience.

Brityn is always studying materials regarding the human experience, societal/cultural patterns, the nervous system, neuroscience, trauma, development, spiritual teachings, meditation, healing, mind-body connection. She lives with her husband and 2 big dogs. 


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