Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Primary Care?

We are not structured as a Primary Care office that has after hours and does procedures. Our focus is on providing excellent Functional medicine care for chronic disease and this focus prevents us from providing specific Primary care or urgent care needs. That said, we do focus on the whole person from head to toe.

What is included in the Initial Intake?

The initial intake visit cost is $300 and this includes a 75-90 minute in person (or virtual) appointment where we dive deep into medical history and discuss initial assessment followed by a 30 minute phone call one week later where we discuss detailed treatment plans after initial blood work is done.

If I have Medicare or Medicaid can I still join Madina Medicine?

Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients as monthly members.  The reason for this is that our medicine physician is not ‘opted out’ of the Medicare system as yet.  In the near future, this may change and we still encourage you to reach out to us for further information and to be placed on our Medicare waitlist.

Does Madina Medicine accept health insurance?

As an Functional medicine practice here in Austin TX, we do not accept health insurance as we do not bill any third parties.  It is central to our philosophy to have a direct relationship between the doctor and the patient with no outside interference or hassle.  This expedites the medical care, services, and treatment options we can provide to you, as there is no waiting on a third party. We aim to provide transparent prices and transparent care in terms of decision-making so that ultimately it is you who is benefitting the most.

Will I still need health insurance though?

Yes, our focus in the clinic is fully on your chronic issues however it is extremely important to keep health insurance for any acute care needs that will require hospitalization or other services that we cannot provide in the office.

Can children become members of Madina Medicine?

We are currently accepting patients aged 12 years and older. We do not act as their Primary Care physicians or replace their Pediatrician rather we act in the capacity of a specialist consulting on their health and wellness.

Can I contact my physician after hours? How so?

We do not function as an urgent care and do not have an after hours answering service. If you need urgent services, please visit your nearest urgent care. If you leave us a message or email, we will get back to you on the next business day.

Are my medical records ever shared with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?

As an Functional medicine practice here in Austin TX, we strive to maintain the highest standards of privacy. We take our medical care services seriously, and we believe your health privacy is just as serious. We are never obligated to provide any third party with a copy of your records or treatment services unless you specifically ask that we do so.

How do I know if Madina Medicine is the right fit for my health needs?

The first step is the most important!  We encourage you to reach out and set up a virtual meet and greet to better understand your particular situation and to see how we may be of benefit to you.  Call us today if you need high quality, affordable functional medicine care!

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